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The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Saotome Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Saotome Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC181)

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AD1999, by the fall of the earth "mystery ship" (Macross) brought Technology (オ ー ー Information found manufactured by Technovision ro ji have), that reveals the slightest contact of human history and ancient civilization Culture Proto (pu Suites Hikaru ro degrees have won awards from piano) between. Promote human end of the war between them, on the one hand, to face the powerful alien forces (ze game nn Suites ra ー video ィ) Zentraedi and Proto Deviln (pu ro Suites game Bldg Hikaru nn), Vel the "force Cultural "looking for survival on the one hand, towards immigrants galaxies in search of a new world. The original Macross, is seen as changing the history of the Earth "ship destination" of the universe! In 1999 AD, a great unknown drop "meteor" on Earth. After the survey confirmed that this is actually an alien spaceship, after some of the world powers to fix and make up for the fall, when the destruction of the global environment caused by the (alien spacecraft had to hide this fall events ), and he formed a unified government. Army for its integration transformed into a full-length 1200 meters large ships major war, named "Muckross" (Macross, German "macrocosm" meaning). Meanwhile, mankind has gone through school integration and faction anti-integration divide national field, in stretches of war alterations Marcos Ross still continues. Until 10 years later, held in Muckross officially hired the launching ceremony of the day, near the lunar orbit suddenly found space and time large-scale response. at a time when the main Fegyverek of Mark Ross ship fired reality automatically, and the moon appeared on the observation ship alien fleet success! So things have to become suddenly the place, it would be strange not ...... commitment disturb each other so unified army had expanded, and Jean-Marc Ross sail out to divert attention from the enemy. Fai a young fighter got into another person is unified military involved in the fighting, and he rescued a man named Fleming beautiful girl, and Női officers and ship early Lai without sand not for noisy strangers ...... referred to as "a cosmic war" this human war on the same foreign prelude. And around between Hui, Akemi and not sand emotional entanglements, but also it began to be involved in the development of the war, and later even become the dominant historical trend of opportunities
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