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Skies of Arcadia Vyse Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

Skies of Arcadia Vyse Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC274)

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The story takes place in a fictional world called Arcadia. A few centuries ago, the planet appeared in the air six months of the moon, and continue to spread to the planet on the stone rain. Because of the mysterious power of the moon, the formation of a new land in the air, people began to settle in the sky on the floating island. At this time Arcadia is in the "geographical discovery" era, people in order to reach a higher sky, go farther in the world, continue to create the airship. Of course, like our pirates exist in the ocean, as in the sky Arcadia also "empty thief" ~! Játék empty thief is divided into two forces, the protagonist Perth (Vyes) belong to the "blue empty thief" (Blue Rogue) side, specifically robbing the rich to help the poor. He and his friend Aika (Aika) together to explore the mysterious continent and adventure. In this way, they will have to face the enemy "black empty thief", a powerful empire fleet, and a variety of unpredictable dangers.
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