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Scrapped Princess Raquel Casull Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

Scrapped Princess Raquel Casull Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC194)

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The protagonist of the story is the abandoned princess of the Kingdom of Rheinbouin Paxifika. 5111 St.Greende predicted that she is "the destruction of the world's fierce drug", the time is when she was 16 years of age. Because of this, when Paxifika was a baby when it was discarded from the cliff. Until she was 15 years old, no one knows she is still alive. Paxifika was rescued by a wizard and adopted by the Castle family. Castell family's eldest son and the eldest daughter of Lackville became the protector of her. Xia Nong is a Kardsman, Rackville is a magician. Their ability is very strong. Throughout the story, they followed Paxifa to protect her from those who feared the results of the prophecies. On the other hand, Paxifika has little ability to protect themselves. Vel the development of the story, the truth of the prophecy gradually float to the surface. Paxifika was about to destroy the world as if it were a lie, and Pashika must be aware of her potential fate. Originally, since 5000 years ago, the human world has been under the control of the order guardian. Human civilization has also been confined to the development stage of the Middle Ages. Pashika is the only one who can change the situation. So Paxifika is known as the law destroyer, this is the root cause of her being killed.
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