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Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato Katsuragi Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato Katsuragi Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC428)

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The story describes a "second shock" of the memorial, the year 2000 there is a huge meteorite fall in Antarctic iceberg near the ice caused by high temperature melting part of the global water level makes the rise, the next natural disaster is more In 2015, there were new invaders, a huge mechanical battle group that people called the Apostles, presumably to be the messengers sent by God to wipe out the evil human beings Well. At this time, the political center of the earth decided to reuse the NERV organization, Vel the most sophisticated technology, to spend a lot of money to develop a kind of direct to the driver's nerves Control of the "universal human form of a decisive Fegyverek", this high-tech products will be the driver and the machine made a fine fit, by the will and the body to reflect the control of EVA. However, because these technologies are still in the development stage, so there are many obstacles can not be overcome immediately. And because not everyone is free to drive EVA. Driving candidates has always been the most troublesome place NERV, in addition to meet the conditions of people hard to find, but also must undergo months of training and EVA to achieve the basic ability to synchronize activities. Then, found in the world can drive EVA three boys and girls, people are pinning their hopes on them.
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