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Fruits Basket Soma Shigure Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

Fruits Basket Soma Shigure Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC271)

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Női high school students Honda through, naive, kind, confused, his father died early, was cheerful strong mother independent upbringing, the mother died in a car accident, in order not to trouble adopt their grandfather, small through the mountains, I do not know, the moon to the same "life of the tent. The fate of the early usher in the fate of the encounter, the old house, the small through the strange kimono men wearing purple grass, the school recognized the prince by the original purple Wu Wu's cousin, also live here, The evening of landslides, small penetration of the tent to know the interest of the collapse, no place to go in her Purple Wu and by the Xi Shengqing stay to stay in the house, warm and satisfied life is about to begin, but an orange head A Clip from the sky, leads to shaking big secret - grass Morocco family for centuries have been the zodiac possessed, possessed by a heterosexual hug will become an animal, know the truth of the small permeability is likely to be grass Mo family When the family ordered the elimination of memory, her heart-to-speech, "Even if my memory is removed, please continue to be friends Vel me" moved by the Greek, small as the only secret to know the outsiders to stay in the grass Mo home. Small through like a ray of sunshine, Qing slow and firmly illuminate the fog heavy grass Mo family. Purple Wu, A folder, by the Greek in the small through the gentle kindness slowly change their lives. Zodiac in the other boys and girls come on stage, and some uninhibited. Some melancholy.
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