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Ergo Proxy Re-L Mayer Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál

Ergo Proxy Re-L Mayer Cosplay Jelmez Karnevál(YDC230)

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The story is about some point in the near future, there are no people in the natural world, but in the Romdo (dome); Humans do not need emotional existence, as long as the order, can become a good citizen ,. The story begins Vel the arrival of immigrants to the dome Vincent, where their tutor, Re-I, is a police officer beautiful and granddaughter of the supreme ruler of the dome. Vicente shortly after the arrival of the dome there was more than one murder, and many autoreiv infected (autoreive intelligent robots, type, ad type, type of pets, etc. work, the infection is called erosion cogito, easy This is, produced a sense of self and emotion), Re-I to investigate the issue, the newly appointed secretary of the Guardia Raul also took his autoreiv out. During this period, infection of Vincent autoreiv died, and a huge monster chase him; Re-I in their own homes by attacks of monsters, shocked envelope was sent to the hospital. dark scenes, episodes trivial to build a system of law enforcement management and romantic relationships of intricate characters; until Vicente was like criminals, and did not understand Re-he betrayed himself, frustrated Vel the understanding that it can not be a good citizen, he fled Romdo - used in others seems to be the same way suicide. After the story of a turning point, it was surprising to find that the world is not only the existence of Romdo.
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